5 Challenges For E-Commerce Business Owners

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If a business owner has a successful e-commerce website then it’s certainly a boon for him as it reduces numbers of inherent costs for him that are included in a brick and mortar business like rent, insurance, electricity and so on. Whereas in an online store you have no such issues, an online store is open is for 24 hours for all 365 days in an year and there is no closing time. There is no barrier of countries, customers can purchase from any part of the globe.

Undoubtedly there are numerous benefits of having an e-commerce website but then there are some major challenges as well. To begin with, not every e-commerce owner is a genius in IT field and he needs professional help in email marketing, site optimization, installing shopping cart, content creation and that would require investment. For generating traffic from the social media and ppc campaigns, again he needs to seek professional help who have the better understanding of keywords analysis and better customer understanding. If you are an e-commerce business owner then here check it out the top 5 challenges for e-commerce business and how you can overcome them:


Will Customer Trust Your Website?

This is one of the most important challenge for e-commerce business because if a customer don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you and matter of fact is trust does not comes in a single day. No matter how user friendly your website is, how descriptive your logo is, customer won’t trust you at first place. This becomes more crucial especially when you are selling huge amount items as customers really can’t invest a huge amount without having the trust factor. For developing a trust worthy relationship with your prospective customers you need to display your contact details like address, phone number, email id etc. Introduce your working staff to the visitors by listing their names with photographs. Share the testimonials sent to you by your happy customers.


Constantly Upgrading Knowledge about Seo

If you are into an e-commerce business than even if you have hired a seo specialist even then you need to have the basic knowledge of SEO. Most of the e-commerce business owner thinks that simply by listing the products and prices they will get listed on SERP. But there is lot more to it, for every product you need to have at least 100 words product description including keywords and long tail keywords.   Product reviews also helps a lot in gaining customer interest as well as ranking on SERP. For best review and product description writing, contact Marketing Doze today.


How to use Social Media Effectively?

As per the reports of Gigya.com, at least 45% of the customers use social media to influence their buying decisions and by this report you can clearly understand that what wonders can happen to your e-commerce business if you use your social media effectively. Use platform like Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, We heart it to create your brand awareness rather than just focusing on selling items every time.

Growth-of-Social-Media-Infographic how-to-use-social-media-effectively-for-online-buisness

Hackers Can Hack the Website

This might be the biggest challenge for an e-commerce owner as he might lost everything in just a second. This could be the most disastrous thing ever as there can be multiple effects of this, the hacker might redirect the payment gateway to his site and you loose the customer trust. You would be able to do nothing as you will be locked for using your own website. For safeguarding both yours and your customers interest its advisable to constantly keep on changing your passwords or ftp servers etc and also keep on checking webmaster tool for any security issues.


Huge Traffic But No Conversion

This happens with lots of e-commerce website where they get high level of traffic but not able to get the adequate conversion. Or maybe you are able to generate sales but lots of refunds and returns. For understanding this whole scenario you need to understand the mindset of your customers by sending survey forms and as per the results of those forms creating a better user experience.





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