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Catalog Processing Services Ensures Better Online Products Experience

This is the Era of online shopping and that’s the reason why thousands of brick & mortar store owners has also set up their own Ecommerce store in order to reach out to the maximum customers all over the world. For all those online merchants, one of the most important tasks is to create a proper and informative online product catalogs including details like product descriptions, images, price, weight, brand, color, features, availability etc. Providing correct and precise details about the products is very important in order to maintain customers trust and interest.


One of the major challenges while creating an effective website catalog is to present each product in such a way that visitor can feel the real product and ultimately it become irresistible for them to buy it.

Important factors which influence the website visitors to Buy a product:

Correct Categories: To make the user experiences pleasurable make sure that the products are uploaded in the correct category. For eg. If your women shoes online store has a category called “Boots” then make sure that all the products should be of that same category only, you can’t add flat sandals in that category. Understand that a user is browsing that particular category because he/she is interested in buying Boots and if he/she see any other products in that section, they might get disappointed and leave the website without even viewing rest of the designs. It’s also important to create a multi level structure of categories having a logical path, so that users can navigate easily all the online product catalogs.


Clear Images: Online Business is majorly dependent on clear and quality images. User can’t see and feel the products in his hands and therefore all the responsibilities come under the shoulder of images of website catalog. The more the pictures are visibly attractive, more the user will be influenced to buy it.

Descriptions: Online shoppers want to know more and more about the products which they intend to buy hence they rely highly on descriptions for this. Therefore, it’s very important to compile all the important details and features in the product descriptions.

Status of Products Availability and Non Availability: If a certain product is not available then its better to inform the customer well in advance about it because it you inform them after they place the order then it will leave them hugely disappointed which may result in the bad impression about your website.

Price Comparison: Online shoppers are smart, before buying anything they compare the prices with several other websites and buy only from that place which offer them the best price.

Online Product catalog management is one of the most important task for an e-store as it requires comprehensive, accurate and complete information to the users.

Professionals of Marketing Doze helps you in Catalog Processing Services

With our quality catalog processing services, Marketing Doze helps you in easily maintaining an up-to-date website catalog which will not only keep your users happy and informed but also compel them to buy continuously from you. For more information on this, kindly mail us at

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