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5 Tips to Make your Content Viral

Content can really do wonders for your website; it can bring more traffic and then ultimately more sales. But then, just writing a content is not enough its equally important to make your content go viral. And if you thought that it’s merely a coincidence that certain write ups gain much popularity then you are absolutely wrong. You can also deliberately make content go viral by following simple tips.

Tips and tricks to make your content go viral


Let the Mystery Lie in the Headline:

See if you write the same traditional headline or title then it might get boring and may not urge the reader to click on the link and read it. The title of your content should be such that it forces the reader to click on the link and know what’s written inside. Like for e.g. A title named “Exercise Daily and Loose Fat” and the other title “Know how to burn 500 calories in 45 minutes”, now you tell me which one of these two titles inspired you more to know what’s written in the blog or article? Obviously the second one!! right? Because it has mystery in it, people will want to know how they can burn 500 calories in just 45 minutes. Even if the subject of both the title may be the same but still the first one is not convincing and inspiring enough for a reader to read it as it is lacking the mystery quotient.


Tell a Story, Keep Readers Engaged:

When you tell a story, it relates with the readers and they remain engaged to it. When they relate to it they develop a certain kind of emotional response and that’s what makes them distribute your story to every other person in this world.

storytelling is thenew content marketing

Post on Related Forums:

After you follow the first and second point, the next thing that you need to do is share your article snippet in the related forum and add “READ MORE” directing towards your website blog URL.


Relating your Blog Topic with Celebs:

Everyone loves celebs and everyone loves following them in one or other way like some like their style, some like their fitness, some like their personality. Try to Connect your blog topics with celebs like if you are writing a blog on fashion accessories then you can choose a topic like 7 Fashion Accessories Kareena Kapoor Loves to carry and certainly you will get maximum shares.


Link it with the Hot Topic

You have to always keep an eye on what’s trending and what’s the latest news that’s buzzing the world around. When you start content writing make sure that you make the maximum use of the whole buzz by relating your blog post with the trending news. Like these days PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat is quite a trending topic and recently he spoke about using handmade décor items in diwali so I used this as a title for my art and craft handmade blog “PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat: Use Handmade Diwali Décor Items”.relate-your-content-with-trending-topics

Follow the above five tips and see the increase in your web traffic.


Arti Tripathi is a noted Writer as well as Content Marketer. Since 2010, she is writing well researched user engaging articles related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Content Marketing etc for various Organizations. She also enjoys writing Fashion and Travel related blogs.