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Importance of Press Release in Online Marketing

Many people have this question in their minds that what is the importance of Press Release and how it can have a positive impact on an online business. So here is the answer, Press Release simply means publicity about your online business. The fact is the more publicity you do for your business, brand, goods or services, the more it gets recognized all over the world. Among all the other publicity medium, press Release has the fastest reach out as you can distribute the press releases to the various websites and attract major attention towards your website.


But then what mistakes many online businesses do is just create a press release sample and publish them without even knowing how to write an effective press release. One must know the correct way of writing a press release and then distributing it to the correct mediums. What happens is, thousands of press releases are updated on web every day and if you write an improper write up there are strong chances that it will not get recognized. This actually happens with many businesses, they write a press release, distribute it but even after months they don’t see any positive results in their website and they start thinking that Press Releases are of no use but that’s not true, the fact is it will only help you if it is properly used.

How to write an Effective Press Release


  • Write a press release only when there is something news worthy, something which is really worth sharing with the public. Like launch of a new section in your online website or announcing discount offers etc. People will be interested in knowing only those things which are news worthy and hence provide them that only.
  • Write in a way that it should not appear like an advertisement; instead it should look like a generic informative write up. Always remember not to get confused between these two as there is a very thin line between these two.
  • Think as a customer point of view and see if all those queries are being covered in your press release.
  • First paragraph of the Press Release is very important as the first impression is set with that only. If the reader finds the first para interesting, he/she will automatically get interested in reading the further detail.
  • As compared to other online publicity methods, Press releases have more credibility as people find it more genuine and reliable.
  • The headline should be very eye catchy and informative at the same time as it grabs attention and bounds people to read it.
  • You can’t afford to have any grammatical or spelling errors in your write up and hence it is always suggested to hire a professional press release writer for this purpose.
  • Don’t try to be creative like other write ups, instead stick to the facts and create a write up which provides information to the readers.
  • If you have written a well versed press release, the next step is to publish it to various online places. If you are serious about this then distribute it to the proper places so that it reaches out to maximum people and your online business gets maximum traffic.

Press Release Optimization

Even after writing a great press release, it is also very important to properly optimized it so that your business can get maximum benefit from it.

  • Add such keywords in your press release which are actually being searched by the readers so that your Press release can reach to the people who are searching for it using different search engines like Yahoo, google etc.
  • Add a link in your press release which is pointing towards your website and always leave your business information like your web address, contact number, email id in your press release.
  • Create a list of various high ranking directories and submit on those directories only and constantly keep on tracing your publications.   importance-of-press-release

If you follow these three optimization rules then you can get following benefits from press release submission:

  • Increase in your online business visibility
  • Increased rankings in various news search engines
  • Easy and direct reach to the targeted audiences
  • Increased number of visitors to your website.

Now when you are aware about the benefits you can get from press release submission, why are you still behind, Hire Marketing Doze for writing your business Press Release and see the change.

Arti Tripathi is a noted Writer as well as Content Marketer. Since 2010, she is writing well researched user engaging articles related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Content Marketing etc for various Organizations. She also enjoys writing Fashion and Travel related blogs.