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5 Ways to Boost E-commerce Sales Using Pinterest

Why Pinterest is Important for E-Commerce Websites?

Answer to this question is very simple as E-Commerce website is all about selling products and Pinterst is a great medium of showcasing those products. Pinterest is more used by people internationally rather than in India, so its also a great medium for those business who wants to target international market. It has been proven that the traffic of many E-Commerce sites has gone up on an average of 42% after they started used Pinterest. As per the survey done by,  41% E-commerce shares comes from this medium.


5 Ways to Drive More Sales with Pinterest for Your E-commerce Website

Create a Business Pinterest Account: There you will be asked to fill in the details like your name, email id, website url and most importantly business type and you need to choose this very wisely depending upon the nature of your business. After that follow any interests relating to your business and then finally get the pin button to get it started.                                                                                                                                                                   Pinterest1

Verify and Confirm Your Website

: Add the verification code to your home page to verify your website on Pinterest.                                                                                                                                                                                           verify-website-on-pinterest

  • Decide Your Products on Pinterest: You have to think that what does your business deals in and what products you want to sell through Pinterest. When all this is done the next thing you need to do is create a board but you need to do this very carefully. if you are dealing in fashion accessories then you cannot create a board of travel destinations even if there are more people on Pinterest who like to view travel destinations. Because even if you do so then you might be able to get more follower but then those follower won’t help your business in anyway. Tell me if you want to know what’s latest trending fashion accessory, would you go and seek help from a travel guide? You need to understand that how powerful medium Pinterest can be for your e-commerce business but only if you do the right things. Create such board which relate to your business like for fashion accessories you can create boards like beaded jewelry, dangle earrings, ear cuffs and so on and then pin the relevant products from your site under these boards.allow users to contribute to your boards on pinterest                                                                      pinterest
  • Let your visitors do the pinning for you

    Creating brand awareness is very important for any e-commerce business and what if your visitors do this for you? Yes, by using the pinterest button on each product your visitors can also do the pinning. No matter on what category or what board they pin the product, ultimately the traffic gets drives to your website only. This is actually a great thing to do as indulging a third party to endorse your business.                                                                                                                                                                                 add-pinterest-button-to-ecommerce-website

    Focus on Inspiring:

    Pinterest is a place where people discover new images and products and you can cash on this feature as much as you can for the profit of your business. Like say if you have a business of fashion clothing than you can make a collage of different styles for different size women or you can also create a whole trousseau including dress, jewellery, accessories and present it. By doing this you are presenting an idea and the viewers might get inspired from the kind of fashion sense you have presented and end up buying from you.


    There are many more ways to generate online sales from Pinterest marketing. So, start pinning and check it yourself that how the traffic towards your website increase drastically and then ultimately many of them turning as your future customers. Contact Marketing Doze today for Social Media Optimization Services which includes Pinterest handling as well.

    Arti Tripathi is a noted Writer as well as Content Marketer. Since 2010, she is writing well researched user engaging articles related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Content Marketing etc for various Organizations. She also enjoys writing Fashion and Travel related blogs.