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Importance of Product Descriptions In SEO

Are you an ECommerce business owner who has done everything in SEO and still finding it hard to get the maximum traffic and conversion rate for your website? Then, you might be ignoring one of the most important tool that can improve your site rankings. Want to know what is it? It’s the product descriptions that you post on your ECommerce website. Do you even know the importance of Product Descriptions in SEO? See what happens is, you get the information about all the items directly from the manufacturer and you just copy paste it and put it on your website. But my dear friend, have you ever thought that the same manufacturer is supplying the same product information to thousands of other vendors and they too might be using the same info which results in plagiarism and you very well know duplicate content is strictly penalized by google.


Tips to Improve Ecommerce Product Descriptions:

  • Create fresh Product Descriptions by taking help from the manufacturers description. For e.g. if he has given the info “Pencil Skirt comes with matching belt” then you can recreate one original description using this information like” Style up your fashion wardrobe with this beautiful Pencil skirt for Party and don’t forget to add that extra glam quotient with the matching studded belt.”
  • Properly optimize the product description by using the relevant keywords phrases.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing, maintain a proper balance between the key features and its usage to the customers.
  • For each product write a description of at least 100 words.
  • Images are equally important, rename and optimize images with keyword rich alt attributes.
  • Break Product Descriptions like first you can write a general one then creating different tabs to show product details like “Fabric”, “Weight”, “Size”, “Brand”, “Color” etc, basically all those things which a customer wants to know.
  • Keep yourself in the place of customer and then write description of any product because then you will be able to know what all queries can comes in customers mind while buying your product and answer them accordingly.
  • Follow these tips and you will certainly see positive results in your Search Engines rankings. If you are having difficulties in writing, then you can hire Product Descriptions Writing Services from Marketing Doze.

    Arti Tripathi is a noted Writer as well as Content Marketer. Since 2010, she is writing well researched user engaging articles related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Content Marketing etc for various Organizations. She also enjoys writing Fashion and Travel related blogs.