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5 Growth Hacks to Help You Grow Your Startup Business

Have you recently launched your new business and now the next step for you is to get the right customers, is this the case with you? For sure you must have already planned a few strategies for marketing your brand and you must be working on it. For any start up the initial phase certainly is the most hardest as they have to work towards giving recognition to something which has zero value in the market. Here are 5 growth hacks to help you grow your start up business.

Have a Clear Goal

The most important thing first is to create clear goals about your online business, when you have a clear goal then only you can work towards it. Think on the following things:

  • What kind of people you want to target for your brand?
  • How many minimum customers you need in a month to at least sustain the business?
  • Which all channels you want to use for marketing your brand or business?
  • How much amount you are ready to invest in marketing?
  • How many emailers you need to send in a week and to how many people?
  • Are your emailers reaching out to the right audiences?
  • How can you increase the email data base?
  • If say “X” feature is added then how many more customers can be attracted?  online-business-goals

    Produce Engaging as well as Quality Content rather than completely Relying On SEO

SEO have its pros and cons or you can say its very uncertain and relying completely on it for the success of your business would not be a good option. I personally take SEO as a slave of Google, following all its rules and one day suddenly Google comes with an update and all the previous efforts goes in vain. So, rather than depending fully on SEO, you can invest your time as well as money on producing engaging content that directly reaches out people’s heart and they are bound to visit your website and make a purchase.


These days you can hire content writers for creating good content, its an ongoing process and also a long term investment but a more reliable one than SEO. There are no rules for content because a Good Content always remains a Good Content.

Know Your Time Consuming Business Tasks and Find Alternatives which Simplifies them:

There are many things in a business which can be simplified, you just need to go through the entire business process and find those tasks. Try to alternate those tasks with some automated thing or any other tool which saves both time and work force for your business.

For example: If you provide any type of services like freelance writing, graphic designing, web development or any of such services where you need to deals with various clients to get business then you can create and handle your professional Business proposal using Bidsketch.

Untitled-1 copyAdvantages:

You don’t need to create a new proposal every time for every new client, saves your time and also makes your work easier.

Analyze your Business Using Google Analytics

If you are doing everything for your Business but not analyzing the results then certainly you are missing out something very important. By using Google Analytics you can clearly understand the various points which are being beneficial for your business and which are not of much use and you are just wasting your time and money on those sources. You can also get to know which all campaigns are attracting visitors your site and on that basis you can strategize the further campaigns.

google-analyticsBy Using Google Analytics You can also get answers to the following questions:

  • Investing on which paid traffic source will be more effective in terms of ROI?
  • Which are the most visited and converting landing pages?
  • Maximum Visitors are coming from which country?
  • Are the Mobile users converting?
  • From which page users makes an exit from your website?
  • Any issue of conversion with any specific browser?
  • Is there any technical error in the website?
    Target Social Medias To Get New Customers

As a Start Up you can get a lot of recognition for your brand and business by targeting the Social Media as these days from children’s to oldies everyone are in touch of these platforms. But in this also you need to play smartly because as a start up the number of employees and resources are limited. Hence you need to choose such sources from where you can get maximum benefit in less time. For this purpose Hootsuite is a better option as with this app you can schedule your posts for 5 social media networks at the same time. Surveys show that more than 56% of the Social Media users get afraid that they might miss out the important updates and events if they cut off from the Social Media.

Focus on these above points and you will surely see positive changes in your online business.



Arti Tripathi is a noted Writer as well as Content Marketer. Since 2010, she is writing well researched user engaging articles related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Content Marketing etc for various Organizations. She also enjoys writing Fashion and Travel related blogs.