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How to Use Content as a Part of Smart SEO Strategy

For the last few years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has given great importance to the quality content. It won’t be wrong to say that finally a great step taken, as earlier it was all about stuffing web pages with keywords and getting in the eyes of Google. But now-a-days the only formula that works is to build quality, informative and fresh content which helps the user and also attracts the Search Engines which automatically results in increasing the site ranking.

Quality Content Is the Key to Success

Creating quality content as a part of your SEO strategy is very effective as compared to the traditional SEO methods of directory submission, link building etc. Link building, on page optimization are equally important but its importance increase when combined with the quality content and the results are always positive.

Having said this again and again that Content is the King in SEO, one thing that’s missing is not content but Quality Content is the King. In the last few years Google has penalized many websites having poor content and EBay is among one of them. Basically what Google expects for every site is to provide a user constantly with informative, relevant & valuable content.

Parameters that Define Quality Content

Certainly to declare whether the write up is of high quality depends upon the readers that whether they find it helpful or not but then that does not means that Google has nothing to do with it. In order to filter the quality content, Google has set up some parameters like the content should be:

Grammatically Correct

More than 350 words

Spellings should be Correct

Proper usage of H1, H2 tags

Linking (external and internal, both)




Different Types of Content and How they Help in SEO

As a laymen the first thing that comes in anyone’s mind when they hear the word content, is anything that’s written on Web. But as per Google there are different types of content that helps a site in ranking and those are listed below:

Web Content: You need to be very careful about the words that you are putting up on your website as it plays a major role in determining your site’s ranking. For every web page that you create should justify itself by having the content related to the same topic, Google crawlers check whether the webpage and the content inside it speaks the same language or not and on that basis decides the ranking.


Blog Posts: These days every online business have their own blogs and if not then its suggested then its suggested that you should definitely have one. Blog is a great medium of attracting viewers to your website and at the same time it also constantly give feeds to the Search Engines. This one is really helpful because the writers can create informative user engaging content in a natural way with the help of relevant keywords of your industry and Google will pick up the site for being relevant to the topics. If your blog is informative and very well written then even the good sites would like to link their sites with you which will results in getting you quality backlinks.


Product Descriptions: Especially for E-commerce websites, Product Descriptions are a great source of adding content to a website. Stick to the relevant keywords while writing the features of a product, click to know more on Importance of Product Descriptions In SEO.

Content Optimization As New SEO

Yes, it’s correct unlike before when things like keywords stuffing, low quality back links used to work for Search Engines, now it’s not possible to manipulate things. In the present scenario Google has become more sophisticated in deciding about giving the authority for the links. Search Engines these days want unique, relevant and top quality content which is shareable. For ranking high all that you need to do is constantly update new topics on your blog and also use other type of viral content like slideshow, videos, infographics and more.


Arti Tripathi is a noted Writer as well as Content Marketer. Since 2010, she is writing well researched user engaging articles related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Content Marketing etc for various Organizations. She also enjoys writing Fashion and Travel related blogs.