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Why Online Business should Hire SMO Services

SMO is basically the process of using all the Social Media channels for creating brand awareness about a particular product, service or business. By now every website owner must be aware of the fact that how important Social Media Optimization is for any online business. Now many people have this confusion that whether SEO or SMO means the same thing? Well I would say that the purpose of the both are same, increasing the traffic towards the website but in SEO the traffic is targeted through the Search Engines and in SMO it is done through various social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube etc.

What Business benefits once can expect after hiring Social Media Optimization Services

If you are not using SMO services for online business then you are really missing 60% of your potential customers who constantly surf social media sites. In fact today this is the strongest medium to bring the most amount of organic traffic to your website by posting user engaging content on daily basis. But the fact is also that people would like to click to the link only if they found it very interesting or exciting and hence before posting anything its suggested that you prepare a good Social Media Optimization strategy.
For this very purpose businesses hire SMO Services which includes many activities like formation of a plan, constantly posting user engaging content like polls, quiz etc of various platforms, blogging, forum postings etc.

• Significant increase in the traffic
• Better understanding of new products and services to the existing and potential Customers
• Expanding the business reach
• Better results at reasonable rates
• Increased visibility of your brand and business on Web


Why Marketing Doze for SMO Services?

• Dedicated Professionals of Marketing Doze prepares a full fledged strategy after understanding your business completely. They generate engaging and healthy conversations on various social mediums well as blogging sites which interests the audiences to at least once see your business services and products
• We handle it all for you, from Social Media Business Profile creation to handling it and keeping it alive by constantly posting amazing interactive contents.
• Diving time based on your Business profile, like for an Ecommerce site it important for them to showcase their lovely products; hence we focus more on sites like Pinterest, We Heart It and Fb.

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