Social Media Marketing


9 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

Everyone of you must be using Twitter these days or if not than you must have heard of so many tweets that goes viral and becomes the topic of discussion on various news channels. All the bollywood celebs, Politicians use Twitter to promote their movies or to promote the causes they care about, infact it’s

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4 Effective Ways of Promoting your Blog on Social Media

It might be possible that you have the best quality content, accurate information, engaging concepts but still you are not getting even an average amount of traffic to your blog. Yes, this can be the case, as a unique and quality content never guarantees to get the audience attention until and unless you try hard

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How to Use Hashtags on Various Social Networks

Hashtags have become the new trend wherein everyone from the youths, working people and obviously Digital Marketers or SEO Companies are under its influence. Even from various serials to advertisements, no one is lagging behind from using the hashtags. So, for all those who still could not understand that what does it actually means, let

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