How Travel Sites Can Use Content to Attract Clients

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You might be the owner of the most popular travel website but will you spend your time on writing travel based content for your website?? You can come up with great offers, deals, and adventures and also to some extent sharing the pictures of your journey while on a travel trip but you won’t think of writing a content as it takes lots of time and effort. But do you know how beneficial writing blog content can be for your website? The content is the backbone of any travel website and it’s certainly a great way to engage people on your website. Thus you can always outsource your travel blogging and travel content writing work to an efficient content writing company and get yourself free from the extra hassle.

Let’s check out few reasons that why content is important for travel websites and how you can get it started. We will also keep on sharing examples from a new travel website TRIPOTO which is using content amazingly as a marketing tool.

Why to Create Travel Blog


If you have a travel website then having a blog on your website can help you in the following ways;

Get Found on Google by Travel Lovers: Those who love travelling keeps on searching for new travel packages and exploring new places. If you keep on writing blogs on daily basis with the targeted keywords then your website will show in the Google search results and people will go to your website. Work on the keywords first, understand which phrases or terms people can use to search travel sites and try to use those phrases naturally in your blog posts. In this way your website will be found on the Google searches and you will get new readers for your blog which can be your potential clients.

Global Reach: Blog is a great medium to reach your audiences globally. You can share the blog posts at various social media networks without any barrier of geographical dimensions. If people like your content they will share it further and make your content popular. So, you see in the whole scenario, the content has to play a major role. If your content is interesting, user engaging then it can do wonders for your travel website.

Share your Expertise: Provide helpful tips and information regarding travel at various places so that people look forward to your blog as a go-to-resource. You will become a trust worthy source to find all the travel related queries and this will make your website stand out of the crowd among the other travel websites.

How to Start Travel Blog


Now when you know the benefits of content writing for travel website, here check out few steps to help you write blog content for travel website:

STEP I : Identify your Audience: First thing that you need to know is your targeted audience. You can evaluate your targeted audience on the basis of a person’s interest, his monthly income, his travelling habits etc. For getting a data of your targeted audiences you can do an online and offline survey with questions related to travelling pattern.


STEP II : Try to Cover Up the Information that they Need: After you know your targeted audiences and their travelling needs, the next thing that you can provide them is information related to travel. You can cover various travelling information through your blogs. Like for example you can pick up titles like tips to travel with a new born, Must pack cloths for a winter trip,  5 Must visit places in London etc, How to save extra expenses while travelling etc.

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STEP III: Take Inspiration from other Travel Sites: If you run out of ideas then you can always take some inspiration from other travel blogs. You can also do a bit of study here by checking which blog posts have got the maximum numbers of likes and shares from the people and you can pick up the same topic to write. But copying doesn’t mean that you pick up the exact title, you can just take it as an inspiration and create something similar on your own.
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STEP IV: Search Keywords: Creating Blogs without doing proper research on keywords is not a great idea. Keywords help in getting your content found by the users through various Search Engines. Think as a layman of such keywords and phrases which you yourself will type on Search Engines to search for specific travel places or information. You can also use the keyword planer tool to get you set of keywords and keyword phrases.


STEP V: Create Content: When you are done with all the above steps and next thing you need to do is create content. You need to ensure that your blog is providing useful information to the reader.


STEP VI: Share it: After publishing the content, it’s quite natural that the Search Engines will cache the blog and bring it in search results. But all this takes time and if you want to reach to the audience quickly then always share your blog posts to all the social media channels as soon as you publish it.Share-your-travel-blog-in-IndiaTravelBlog



 Pic Credits:
Pic Credits:

Writing content is the new marketing strategy for any type of Business industry but it’s a great tool for the travel websites. Be creative and think of the various things that go around in the mind of a traveler before planning his trip and built your blog posts around that.


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