10 Link Building Techniques for 2016

Whenever someone launches a website online, there is only one reason behind that and that is ranking high on the search engines and ultimately getting more and more sales. But is it that easy as you think? May be yes or maybe not, Search Engines actually have various parameters in determining the ranking of the websites, few of the factors includes, On Page Seo, Quality and Unique Content, Mobile Friendly website and most importantly Backlinks.

Link Building Techniques

Among all the other factors, Link Building is the toughest thing as here you have no control over it majorly because other websites have to link back to your website. And among those websites also only good ones backlinks will help you, the poor quality or junk backlinks needs to be avoided else Search Engines can penalized your site which may result in poor rankings. But the point is why will the good websites link to your website? What can be your USP that forces someone to link their website with yours and the answers is just one “INFORMATIVE, FRESH AND USER ENGAGING CONTENT”. Below we will discuss about the 10 Link Building techniques for 2016 that can help you in increasing your Search Engine Rankings

Produce Link Worthy Content

Trust me this is the most effective key which you can use to get a quality back link. Content Marketing is the new SEO these days, be it the age old sites or the new Start Ups, everyone is targeting their customers with the user engaging content. You would be surprised to know that everyday around 27 million content pieces are shared on various Social Media platforms. When everyone is highly creating content then in such a scenario the responsibility increases even more that how to make your content stand out of the crowd? The answer to this question is by creating informative, unique and as well as shareable content, if you can conquer all these 3 things then the Link Building Process will become much more easier for you.

Connect with Influential Bloggers

This one is getting immense popular in the last few years, its more like word of mouth marketing. In the Influential Marketing what happen is you partners up with few of the influential bloggers related to your industry and then they blog and review about your products and services. As they already have their share of followers, it becomes easier to market your brand among large number of audiences. This not only gives you good backlinks but also helps you in generating awareness about your brand among the target audiences.

Influential Marketing Infographics

No matter how wonderfully content is written but you can’t deny the fact that the visual content grabs more eyeballs. If we talk about visual content then these days Infographics are being very popular, you can create various Infographics related to your industry and use them in the Link Building process. Chances are high that you can get back links from those people who love to get information via visual representation which is attractive as well as easy to understand. Infographics can be submitted on various infographic submission websites like bestinfographics.info, infographick.com etc.

Review Submissions

Especially the websites which deals in products, the review submission sites are the best way from where you can get the quality backlinks. Like say your consumers posting reviews about your products and services on the popular feedback submission sides like Beta List, product Hunt etc

Analyze your Competitor’s Backlinks

You constantly need to keep an eye on your competitor’s backlinks. What are their sources of backlinks; study and analyze the type of content they are creating and if you can create better write ups on those topics than that then chances are high that you can also get the same quality backlinks.

Optimum Utilization of Social Media

You can keep your followers engaged on various Social Media by sharing your content on regular basis. This will also increase the reach of your content and also drive more traffic towards your website. You can share your content on twitter, even you can re use your old content also for tweeting purpose. Use a different heading and you are all set to share your old blog post link. The followers related to your industry might like your content and would like to link to your website. In LinkedIn also you get the blogging feature, you can utilize that too. As LinkedIn is a Professional Network, your content will get more exposure when it is shared there. Scoop It, which is a content curation site is also a good option for getting quality backlinks. For ecommerce websites Pinterest and We heart it can turn out to be a good options for quality backlinks.

Link Building Using Social Media

Guest Blogging

Some Digital Marketers say that Guest Blogging is not effective anymore but I don’t think so, its equally effective as it used to be before. All you need is to be careful of choosing high quality websites for guest blogging. The point is simple if done properly it will still give you result but if you do guest blogging for a low quality website or write plagiarized content then obviously your site will only get penalized by Google and your whole purpose of Link Building will fail.

Reuse Old Content

Once you have created content, you can further re use it from time to time and let it reach to the maximum number of people. You can use the same content in various other forms like you can create the video of the same written content or you can create the PPT ‘s or even Infographics and distribute the same content in different ways.

Q&A sessions on Quora, Yahoo Answers

Sites like Quora have wide discussions on variety of topics every day. You can join in the Q&A sessions related to your industry and answer the questions with a reference backlink to your content which is related to the same topic. This will help the person to find the answer of his question and at the same time it will provide you with a quality backlink also.

Internal Linking

Yes, this still works and provides you the following benefits:


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