4 Easy SEO Tips to Follow Immediately

Even if Search Engine Optimization is not one of your favorite topics then also you need to understand few basic things if you want your website to rank high in the Search Engines. SEO is not a very complex process if you do it correctly and to make your task easier, here I have compiled:

Useful SEO Tips and Methods:

Use Header Tags: These are basically headings which are used to tell Google and the readers about the content. In the HTML language the header tags are used in this way <h1>Title</h1>.                                                 header-tag

For ranking high in the Search engines, I would suggest that you use different and unique headers. Understand how you can use header tags in the content

H1: This indicates the main title of the write is and is mostly already coded in the websites wherein the main title is automatically taken as H1 tag. To have H1 tag is extremely important, both for the user experience as well as for the various Search Engines including Google.

H2: H2 tag indicates the Sub heading of the write up. This is important because by doing this you can break your content into more meaningful portions which will not only help a reader to understand the write up clearly but will also help Google to know which are the important topics of your content.

H3, H4, H5, H6 etc: All these are the sub-subheadings which are really helpful in the long content. But still H1 and H2 tags holds great importance and thus you need to focus on creating a unique and attractive H1 and H2 tags every time.

Long Content are Still the Best

Just for the sake of Google many websites write 400 words content and stuff it with certain keyword and try to achieve high ranking on that basis which actually sometimes work also. But for long term high ranking stability in Search Engines its better to write long and meaningful content which covers a particular topic completely. More than the word count you also need to focus on offering the maximum information related to the topic which you are covering.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Google actually considers mobile friendly as a factor for ranking but even if you leave the Search Engine factor then also more than 70% of the people use open various websites on their smartphones. Hence, if you are not taking thing whole thing seriously then you are really losing a large number of audiences for your website.

Use Maximum Relevant Words in Your Content

Keywords are important and especially using them in the title tag, content and headers can really help a lot but now Google also checks whether you are using other relevant words or not.

These are few easy SEO Tips which can help your website big time in the Search Engine Rankings, try these and see the difference.


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