4 Effective Ways of Promoting your Blog on Social Media

It might be possible that you have the best quality content, accurate information, engaging concepts but still you are not getting even an average amount of traffic to your blog. Yes, this can be the case, as a unique and quality content never guarantees to get the audience attention until and unless you try hard for it. Online Marketers also in a way sometimes find it to be difficult on how to promote their blogs on Social Media so that they can get the maximum benefit.

Get Your Blog Posts Shared on Social Media

Most of the people’s mentality is that promoting a blog on Social Media is no big deal and any one can do it but that’s actually not true. Do you want your blog to reach to the maximum audiences? Well if yes then you need to strategize on how to promote your blogs on Social Media, below I am suggesting you some tips on how you can engage the Social Media audience towards your blog.

Focus on Which Time to Share

Yes, its very important to check that at which time the maximum number of users are online, so that you can share your blogs at the same time and get the maximum benefit. For checking the Timings on Facebook, you just need to go to the Insight section of business page and click on the “post” and from there you can get to the know the timings when maximum number of your followers are online and based on that you can share your blog posts and get an increased traffic to your blog. In twitter, you can tweet at 5-6 different timings in a day and see at which tweet got the maximum retweet and favorites, based on that you can choose the timing to tweet.

Create Shocking/Mysterious/ Curious Headings

Its about a normal human being mentality, they won’t like to click on the general piece of news and information but when you share the same thing with some mystery then they would be eager to know and share about it. Basically these days Social Media users are smart and it requires something very fascinating and unique to draw their attention towards your piece of information, hence something shocking or mysterious will always work.

Re Use your Old Blog Posts

Yes, you can do this, although not all the Digital Marketer will agree with me on this but I feel there is nothing wrong in sharing your good old blog posts. Not all your Social Media followers would be active at the same time, may be the last time when you had share this particular post many of them missed it and when you again share it they might read it and hence you get increased traffics to your blog. To break the monotony of sharing the same blog you can use different headings every time, just like below in the example.

Ask Questions to your Followers

Rather than just posting the links, focus on communicating with your followers, so that they remain engaged to your content. Understand that Social Media is actually a medium to socialize with various people; it was never meant for business at first place. If you simply ask people for their response an=bout certain scenario or certain product or services you are not only doing Social Media Marketing but also creating a valuable relation with you customers or may be potential customers.


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