9 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

Everyone of you must be using Twitter these days or if not than you must have heard of so many tweets that goes viral and becomes the topic of discussion on various news channels. All the bollywood celebs, Politicians use Twitter to promote their movies or to promote the causes they care about, infact it’s the best medium through with they can spread their message to the large number of audiences. So, when these popular people can use Twitter as one of the biggest medium of Marketing, why can’t you do the same for your business? Do you include Twitter in your Social Media Marketing strategy? Let’s know it all about Twitter here.


About Twitter

Twitter allows you to tweet your message to the mass audiences (your followers) in the form of short message, maximum of 140 characters. In your tweet you can use link, images, or a video and redirect your followers to your website where your business lies. In twitter people follow or subscribe you if they find the information you are sharing are of their interest and they always want to remain updated about such information. You can read, reply as well as retweet your followers tweet. Twitter is counted in the category of Microblogging where the message is to the point, restricted in 140 characters. It is the most popular Micro blogging site as compared to others like FriendFeed or Plurk.  Here are 9 effective ways to use

Twitter for Business Marketing:


Organize your Following Lists

You have to connect with various people on Twitter and you do this by following them. While you are using Twitter for Business, there are types of people you follow like your customers, competitors, vendors, discount sites etc. So, its better to organize these people by creating various Twitter Lists. In fact Twitter Lists is one of the best feature by which you can easily group important people that you follow.


You can create different list for




Discount Coupon sites where your Business Deals are listed

Social Media Teachers

Deals and Offers

Once you create these lists, you can be sure that the important tweets don’t get lost. With each twitter account you can create 20 Twitter lists and in each list you can add upto 500 twitter accounts. You can separate important people by adding up them in those lists and you can also monitor each list. The main benefit of creating these lists is you won’t miss any important tweet, usually there are too many tweets poping up in your account and at times you can miss few of them which might be important.


Write Impressive and Inspiring Bio

Tell what your Business is all about in the most impressive manner within the character limits. Try to include the following details in your Twitter Profile Bio:

What is the purpose of your Business?

How your Business helps people?

Add a personal touch

If you already have a Twitter account and have a Bio too then check it for once that whether your Bio is depecting your Business in the best possible way? If the answer is NO then you need to rewrite it so that it tells to the mass audiences (out of which few can turn out to be your potential customers) how your Business can help them.

Add Your Twitter Conversation as Image in your Blog

If you are writing a Blog on any topic and feels that particular topic is inspired from a tweet that you have recently read then there is no harm in sharing the screen shot of that tweet in your blog or If you feel that any conversation going on Twitter is related to your blog topic then you can share its screen shot too.  You can also easily embed a tweet to your blog post, it looks exactly like a tweet and have the same features like Reply, Retweet and Favourite. In this way your blog readers can also become a part of your Twitter conversation.

Ask your Followers for Retweet

You can always ask your followers to Retweet your tweet with the relevant hashtags and fresh content. You can also reward people who retweet your post like providing them with certain percentage of discount on your website products or providing them freebies etc.


Tweet Regularly

If your followers get your tweets regularly they will remain indulged in your brand conversations and in this way you will leave a remark on their mind. You constantly need to share information, contests, deals or about any relevant info related to your business.




Involve your Colleagues/ Co workers

Indulge your internal workforce in building your brand. Ask them to follow your Business twitter profile from their personal twitter account and make sure that they retweet, favourite in order to keep your posts engaged.

Add Images to your Tweets

Yes, adding images can make a huge difference while tweeting. Everyone loves pictures and if the data or any kind of stats is shared in a picture format then it becomes even easier for people to understand and their attention towards your tweets also increases.


Follow Your Customers

Rather then waiting for your customers to follow you, step ahead and follow them. It’s a great place to remain connected with your customers and inform them constantly about the deals and offers going on your website. Twitter automatically sync contacts from your other social media profiles and pop up a notification when your customer creates an id on twitter.

Mention your Twitter Account

It’s important to publicize your twitter account so that more and more people get to know about it. You can mention your Twitter handle on your: Website, Official Email Signature, Business Cards, Google Plus Page, Newsletters, Invoices etc.


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