How to Create an Effective Content Promotion Strategy

If you think that first you should create the content and then after that think of its marketing and promotion then you are absolutely wrong. The fact is, this process starts quite before and moves parallel to the production of the content. Many of you won’t agree with me but to create a winning content promotion strategy, the key is that all the marketing work should be completed before the content goes live. If you wonder what type of promotion and marketing works one needs to do then here I am listing a few of them:


Know the Purpose

First and foremost you need to know why do you actually want content marketing for your business, what to you want to achieve with it? Not everyone have the same purpose, some do this to generate leads for their business, some do it to improve their brand loyalty, some do it to reach to the wider number of audiences and some do to increase the retention rates. Hence you see different companies have different motives to achieve, you need to be very crystal clear about the purpose you want to go for content marketing.

Set Your Priorities

Once you know the purpose the second step is to set the priorities for the content. Whether first it has to be user engaging or whether you want to tell the world about your brand’s story or do you want to understand what the need of your customers is. Set these priorities and on that basis tailor your content marketing strategy.

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Understand Your Audiences

Before being ready with the content and its marketing, first it is necessary to know that what the audiences are looking for. You need to do detailed research survey and understand their problems and needs and provide the solution of the same through your brand. If you are new in the field of content promotion then engaging directly with the audiences will help you a lot. You can get different ideas to create relevant and useful information for your targeted audiences.

This is the most important part that you need to do. Let me make you understand this in a very simple way, suppose there are 2 ladies named A and B both are shopaholics but of different kinds. A prefer to do shopping whenever she feels that something is very exclusive and unique, B loves to shop wherever and whenever she finds discounts, offers and deals going on. So, you see the same content marketing cannot work for these two types of buyers. To target different buyers effectively you need to create groups of different types of buyers by analyzing their previous buying patterns etc and send them content based on their interests.

What is Your Content Type

After knowing it all about your audiences and their needs the next thing that you need to do is focus on the type of content you can create. You can provide the different type of content such as giving tips, infographics, surveys, helping through Q & A sessions, interviews etc. If you are smart enough then you will always focus on creating such type of content which is evergreen and can be used for ages.

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