How To Do Keyword Research Smartly

While doing the Online Marketing, one of the most important aspects for Digital Marketers of any SEO Company in India is to do the keyword research effectively and smartly. These days it’s very important to know the different ways of developing a good set of keywords for doing the SEO or while writing a digital content. Even for PPC, the online marketers must have a sound knowledge of how to use the keywords so that the campaign gets the maximum clicks. They need to be very wise and clever while doing the keyword research as they need to think from a searcher’s point of view.


Keyword Research and Planning

For this purpose, the first thing that needs to be done is creating a vast list of keywords using various keyword research tool, then filtering the most competitive ones and most used ones and then focusing on how to target those keywords.

In the search terms also one need to understand that there are different kinds of people searching things on internet. Some people are searching for only specific things like blue denim jeans whereas some are randomly searching for denim jeans, so these things should be considered while doing the keyword research and planning.

Creating Keywords List

This is the list consisting all the keywords ideas. All the online marketers have to think hard and use all the probable combinations of keywords best describing the product, brand or the services.

Understand The Audience To Know How To Do Keyword Research

Search various groups, forums, blog posts, comments etc related to your products and services in order to understand what kind of terms people are using to describe the goods and services related to your industry. After doing this analysis, use the most popular terms in your product descriptions, blogs and web content.

Search Terms That are Being Used Most By People

This is the digital world and there are so many search terms which are being endorsed like recently hashtags like #namo, #digitalindia were quite popular. So, research those terms which are most popular and try to implement those terms in your blog posts or news section. You can also use Google Webmaster tool or Google analytical tool in order to get the better idea about the search terms that people are looking to contact different companies.

Look Up to Your Competition

Have a detailed analysis of your competitor’s websites, understand which keywords they are targeting and how much traffic they are gaining to their website with those keywords, You can use site like to make such analysis.

Building Your Own Keyword List

After you have done all the above things now you need to create your own final keyword list and you can use Google Adword Research Tool for this purpose because ultimately the major traffic comes from Google only.

You can search for multiple keywords groups with the options like targeted country, language, locations and more.

Refining the List

Once the list is prepared the last thing that any SEO Company in India will do is refining the list so that only the best keywords remain in the list. Keywords play an important role in the whole process of SEO, if you are targeting the wrong keywords then you are only wasting your time and doing no good for the business. Hence, be very careful in the very first step of online marketing and i.e. Keyword planning.


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