How to Make Content Stand Out of the Crowd

These days every online business is creating content, everyone is competing with each other in order to reach at top in the Search Engines results. If you are producing 3 contents in a week others are creating even at a much more increased rate. Is just writing a content enough? I mean everyone or the other is doing it be it a law firm, a travel agency, photographers, fashionistas, just to market their services and products. If your website content or blog does not appears on the top of Google when someone searches for the questions related to your industry then it simply means that your content is not doing any good for your website.

So, the question that comes in mind is how to stand out from the crowd of Content Creation, well let’s discuss some strategies below:

Find What Defines you the Best

Well when someone meets you in person then they might remember you or get charmed by few of your personality traits like smile or tattoo but its not the same way Online as the other person don’t know you or your business. You have to create that charming factor through your content and here are few suggestions on how to do that:

Relevant and Current Topics: Create a section on your website and daily post the hot news related to your industry.

Create a Mascot: Blank content is not that impactful as compared to a character. Like say if you are selling fashion products then you can create a mascot called Miss Diva and post as that person.

Attractive Images: For once a visitor can ignore what’s written but can’t avoid the images. Hence, post attractive images, graphs, infographics and see the change.

Try these few things and certainly you will get an edge over your competitors in Content Creation.

You Have to Write Differently

Writing something is not a big deal, I mean every one can write if they have their basic Education done. But then writing differently is not everyone’s cup of tea and that what’s distinguishes a writer from a normal person. By writing differently, I mean writing something that people remember for long, something which other people would love to share with their friends and relatives and thus giving more exposure to your content. But then its not like to write a very polished article you are spending a week as it won’t give you a good ROI(if you are doing the writing thing for your self-satisfaction needs then it’s a different thing though.). You can make your writing different by focusing on the below points:

Make it Controversial: Influential blogger related to your industry say something, you oppose them and come up with an even strong point in your content and yes, controversy sells the most.

Present in a different style: To keep your users engaged try all the possible style, if you think inserting a poem will do the proper justice to your content then do that, if you feel posting realistic example will add life to your content then do that.

Try to create New Content: I know to think what’s new in itself is like a war but be smart and think of innovative ideas. Generally, people love to read hypotheses, so you can create those.

Try these strategies and watch the change.


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