How to Use Hashtags on Various Social Networks

Hashtags have become the new trend wherein everyone from the youths, working people and obviously Digital Marketers or SEO Companies are under its influence. Even from various serials to advertisements, no one is lagging behind from using the hashtags. So, for all those who still could not understand that what does it actually means, let me tell you that Hashtags are used with keywords in various posts so that it becomes easier for a user to search all the posts related to that particular hashtag at one place.

Social Media Hashtags

But have you ever thought how does hashtag suddenly became so popular that every common man has now started using them on every Social Media status or posts. Who was the one who thought of putting a symbol in front of a word and start search trends in social networks? And how Digital Marketers started utilizing it for the purpose of marketing of various Businesses?

Meaning of Hashtags

Hash Tag: Any word or a quote that is preceded by the mark #, used within a post or message in order to identify the main interest of that topic and bring that topic in the search trends.


Whenever a user inserts a hashtag to their posts, the social media networks indexed it and it becomes searchable by other people. When someone searches using the same hashtag, then all the posts related having that hashtag will appear and the user can get all the information related to that particular topic. When there are many searches for a certain keyword then it is called as trending hashtags.

How to Use Hashtags

If you want to use it in just a basic way then all you need to do is simply add # sign before a phrase or a word without any space.
Prefer not to make the string too long for a single hashtags. One, two or three words maximum is ok in one string.
Don’t do spamming with hashtags by overusing them in a single post.
Whenever you post a tweet with a certain hashtag then anyone who will search that hashtag will be able to find your tweet.
Use hashtags only for related topic.

Importance of Hashtags

You may think that its very easy to post using hashtags which is also correct but if you really want to get increased searches for your posts then you need to be careful and do it in a meaningful way.

Create Your Own Hashtag For Advertising

If you want to endorse a brand or make something popular then you can create your own hashtag for it. If luck is on your side and you have done it in a right way then there are lots of chance that you hashtag will become trending. And your brand will get promoted.

Promote using Trending Hashtags

If you don’t want to promote your brand by creating your own hashtag as then you need to start from the scratch instead you can also take help of the trending hashtags in order to gain popularity for your brand. But yes in the race of using the trending hashtags in various posts don’t forget the basic rule and that is, the trending hashtag should be relevant to your topic. If you try to force an unnecessary hashtag in your post just because of the sake that its popular in the searches then even if your post comes in searches, user won’t find it relevant and won’t stick to your post which won’t be a good experience for your brand.

Popular Social Media Networks that Support Hashtags

Twitter: Hashtags are the most popular in tweets, to know the trending topics you can check on the left side of Twitter stream.

Facebook: When you click on a hashtag on Facebook, a separate page will open up with all the posts related to that hashtag but visibility depends upon the privacy settings of the user. Trending topics are also visible on the right hand side of the News Feed.

Google +: There is one major difference in the way Google+ accepts hashtags as compared to other Social Sites. Google+ will only add the hashtag and accept it if it believes that it is a popular as well as relevant keyword.

Instagram: You can also search pictures using hashtags as Instagram also supports hashtags.

Tumblr: If you are a Tumblr user, you would know that while creating a post, in the bottom are there is an option of add tags. When you type words it automatically converts it into a hashtag.

Pinterest: Hashtags are clickable only in Pinterest description. They are also not searchable as hashtags but yes as keywords they can be found in Pinterest.


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