Is your Content Really the King?

All the online Business owners must have over heard the term “Content is the King” in all these past few years. Because of this term, everyone is trying to produce more and more content with a hope that this will finally result in getting increased traffic towards the website and ultimately generating more sales. But tell me honestly how many of you have seen the visible changes in your online business? If you have seen the positive changes then it’s great but if not then certainly you need to give a thought on this. The first question that you need to ask yourself is, really content is the king? If yes then why you are not getting the results?? Here is the answer to your question, not every content is the king only Quality Content is the King and if the content is not providing any benefit to your business then surely you are not producing the Quality Content.

content-is-the-kingburbznqp copyFor generating sales and customers engagement, it’s important to create the type of content that is loved by the people and which raises their curiosity and they feel compel to interact with the company (which makes the first step towards being a potential customer)

Craft Titles that interests People
It won’t to wrong if I say that the success and the failure of your article can highly be dependent on the title of the article. Earlier it was believed that using the Keyword in the title will give a better ranking to the article but that’s not really true. Don’t compromise on the title quality just for the sake of using Keyword in it, rather than go for an attractive title which excites people to click and read what’s written in the article. Take this as your first tool for the success of your blog post because if the title won’t be exciting enough, then no one will care to even click on it, hence failure of your blog post reaching to the mass audiences. Solutions, Secret, Mystery, Inspiring, Excitement to the life related things lead a person to click the given link, make sure your title contains these things.


Here are two headlines, answer me which one would you like to click and read

5 Minutes Magical Drink for 7 Days to Get a Flat Tummy
Know How Herbal Drink can Reduce your Bloated Tummy
So, tell me which one is more inspiring? 1st one isn’t it? I mean everyone would like to know about that magical drink which can reduce their tummy in just 7 days. At least they won’t be able to resist themselves from going through the write up.

Solution Oriented Topics
The best way to engage people to your blog is by choosing such topics that provides an answer to people’s question. Like:

How to make money online.
How to prepare for board examination.
How to deal with Depression.
5 Easy Tips to loose weight in 7 days.

Such topics will drive more conversions as its directly targeting people’s mind and providing them with the solutions that they are looking for.

Relate your Content with Current Affairs

If you will relate your content with the current affairs then you can certainly grab more readers attention as everyone wants to know about the latest happenings. For eg, these days the news of Vijay Mallya leaving the country and not paying the loans of many Indian banks are doing the rounds in every news channel. So, if you are providing services related to the financial advisor then you can set an example of this news and give your take on this and in this way your write up would be counted in the trending topics which everyone loves to read.

Follow these 3 points and make some changes in your on going content strategy and after a while you will yourself realize that why quality content is the king!!


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