Why Content Is Important for SEO

For every online business, its necessary to get indulged in content creation and blog writing these days. Earlier people use to blog as a passion and it was more like sharing what they feel, now the same thing is used for Marketing purpose. People love to read blogs and therefore all the major online companies have used blogging as a tool for promoting their brand online.

Content Creation Strategy

No matter in which industry you are dealing, whether it’s a law firm, CA firm, apparels store, bakery shop, the main motive is to develop such content that increases the traffic to your website, ultimately converting the potential customers to customers  and finally achieving the increased sales.  But make sure that the content that you are creating is attractive and user engaging, if you are a start up then you can initially blog 4 times a month and you can gradually increase this.

How Content Helps in SEO

The more time you invest in your content strategy, better the results you will get over a period of time. Once you start producing informative and educational content about your specific industry then your blog will become a must visit place when anyone needs info about the same topics. By adding regular informative topics on your blog, the SEO rankings of your website can increase at a rapid speed. A unique and informative content not only increase the traffic towards a website but it also increases the page count of the website which gives Google bot a chance to crawl more pages. If your content is informative and well written then chances are high that other good website would like to link back to your website and hence you will get bonus backlinks. Also make sure that every time you create a new blog post, you also enter the SEO details like adding Meta title, meta description and keywords, so that the page is well optimized.

Converting Visitors to Customers

Once you have created a unique, well- written, informative and user engaging content, the second step is to attract the readers by sharing the content at all the possible platform through which it can reach out to the maximum people. Before writing on any topic, do complete research that are people searching for that topic, is that topic trending?? By doing this you can create SEO optimized content and start ranking higher on trending keywords and increasing clicks towards your websites.

The-Influence-of-Content-Marketing copy

When you are able to attract the visitors to your website, the next thing you need to do is converting Visitors to Customers. You can do this through call-to-action or forms but this does not fit in the blog set up. So the best way to generate lead conversion in a blog is to add a call-to-action with each post.

Promote with Sharing

In this digitally Viral world you can do so much to promote and share your content. Gone are the days when you just created a content and wait for it to rank in the Search Engines to get the traffic. Now the first thing any company would do after posting a blog is sharing them on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebbook, Instagram, Google Plus etc. By doing this you directly target those people who are your followers, people have followed you for a simple reason that either they like your products or they like the information that you share. So, it a kind of direct targeting to those people who already loves you and chance of their conversion to customers are possibly higher than the stranger audiences.

There are chances that if others like your content they might further share it with their friends and family or may be any other companies which deals in the similar services also like the information posted by you and can share the same on their Social Media platform which will ultimately increase traffic to your website.

In this very digital world, content creation has become a very useful tool for SEO by attracting visitors towards the information, generating leads by promotion and sharing. For best content writing services, get in touch with MarketingDoze today


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