New Ways to Promote your Content

By now you must be knowing how important it is to market your Content, just creating a piece of content and waiting for it to get noticed by the Search Engines doesn’t works now. I mean it does, but why just rely on the Search Engines when you can do so many other things to promote your content.  When I said so many other things, you mind must say yes, you do share your piece of content in various Social Media, to your email list and so on. But wait a minute, is that all your do?? Here I am suggesting you few more things that you can do to promote your content.

Connect with the Influencers who Distribute Similar Content

In Twitter, Facebook etc you must have seen influential voices who shares links that sounds similar to your kind of content. You can reach out to them and share with them your content, many a times they won’t readily share your piece of content because you are in a way their competitor. But you never know if you create a perfect piece of content related to your industry, they might not be able to stop themselves from sharing it and with their huge number of followers your content may reach out to the masses. Apart from Social Media, you can also find influential Content Marketers on the platforms like BUzzSumo where you can search the most popular content on any topic. Like say you have written a blog on 10 Effective Link Building Techniques in 2016, BuzzSumo can show help you in finding the most popular articles on that particular topic. You can also view who shared those articles and made them popular.  You can also reach out to those sharers and ask them to share your content too as they seems to be interested in that topic.

How to make this strategy work

Reach out to those influencers only who have shared similar type of content as yours. Try to find their email address and tell them your story and also tell that why their audience will like your piece of content.

Video Content Marketing

One can’t deny the fact that Video based content gets immense popularity. Plus while creating the video based content you can re use your already written content in a video format. You can also create video footage of various events related to the industry like seminars, trade shows, presentations, conference etc and upload it n popular video channels like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Use Content Sharing Sites

There are many content sharing sites where you can create a PPT of the content or directly share the content using the URL’s. Some such popular content sharing sites includes Slideshare, ScoopIt etc. These content sharing website have good Alexa rankings and is also loved by Google, hence when you share your content there, the chances of your content getting more exposure increases through these sources. ScoopIt, infact even allows to optimize the content by using the search keywords.

Q & A Sites like Quora

Off lately Quora has emerged as one of the best sites in terms of Q & A sessions. You can easily promote your content on Quora in the form of Questions and Answers. But you really need to be careful that you write a genuine and logical answer while giving answers to the question related to your industry. It should not look like you are least concerned about the questions asked and are more focused on your own website or content promotion.


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