Why Fresh Content Is Essential For Website Success

There are many ways to introduce fresh content to your website from time to time but I would like you people to know that why is it essential to do so. Understand it in this way, Just imagine you go to Hindustan Times homepage continuously for 3 days and find the same news all the 3 days, now tell me, Will you even bother to visit the site again? So, I think you got your answer here. Now let’s move on to the main topic of this blog where I am telling you the reasons why fresh content is essential for website success:

Fresh Content = Frequent Crawling = More Opportunity for high ranking

Its very important to keep reminding the Search Engines Crawlers that your website exists and for that very purpose it is important to keep on introducing unique content every time. But then it does not mean that in the name of fresh content you will introduce the same thing again and again by just changing the language or little bit of spinning as that won’t help much. Instead go wider, search more about exciting news or programmes related to your industry and then feed those to your customers as well. In this way they can connect your brand or product with it and their curiosity will increase. When I say “Fresh Content = Frequent Crawling” then please don’t think that it means high ranking. No, it does not mean high ranking at all but think it yourself that when you will add new news, articles, web pages then certainly search engines will crawl your website more and thus you get more opportunity to get high rankings but then the rankings depends majorly on the quality of the content you provide.

Frequent Updates are Google’s Favorite

Certainly, Google is the most popular and most frequently used Search Engine. Google loves those websites who keeps their customers or audiences updated with all the recent happenings related to their websites and products. So, this gives you a clear sign that how important it is to add fresh content to your website.

Again, when I am saying that Google loves frequent updates then I mean only the necessary ones. Many websites take this very wrongly and keep on doing unnecessary changes, postings, editing to their website just to keep Google happy without knowing that fake changes are not at all appreciated by Google and extreme steps can be taken against the websites. The Googlebots are constantly in search of webpages that provide valuable and reliable information which are helpful for the users and if you do so in your website then certainly your website rankings will increase with each such update. The best way to keep on adding unique and constant content is to add a blog on your website and keep on posting user engaging articles in it, related to your industry.

More Content = More Keywords

If there will be more content then naturally there will be more set of keywords. Everyone know how important keywords are in terms of search engines ranking and indexing. In the blog posts you can create a user query solution write up and smartly use the popular keywords in it and optimize the post accordingly, thus you can attract a huge numbers of visitors to the website. You can also further use Meta description, Meta title to enhance your Search Engine visibility for the blog post.

Keeps Your Customers Updated

This is also one of the major reason to keep your website content updated. Your customers loves your services and wants to hear more and more from you. Be it the end of season sale, discount offers, or any other new section introduced in your website, they want to know it all and the best way to tell them is via adding news post as a part of fresh content. Sometimes even if a customer is in no mood of shopping still when they hear a news of certain percent discount they change their mind and ultimately you end up with more sale.

So, you see how important fresh content is for a website success, for quality content writing services, contact Marketing Doze today!!


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